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Professional Proofreader Benefits

You’ve embarked on a new career or are attending college for the first time. You’re overwhelmed at the writing tasks assigned by your instructors or just don’t feel confident in your writing skills. For whatever reason, you feel your documents would be best served by having a professional proofreader and editor review them. You’ve smartly chosen The Proofreaders.
Student papers and academic documents are frequently reviewed by The Proofreaders. We’ve helped many students get through college by assisting them with their writing assignments.   The Proofreaders will not do your homework for you, but will take what you’ve written and polish it, so you’re not faced with a sea of corrections from your instructor. The best part is that your privacy and security are fully protected.

Academic Proofreading: Ethics and Your School

While we do not review the ethics rules of each and every school, as a policy we do not write or rewrite student papers, as it violates an ethics rule here at The Proofreaders. As long as you write the paper yourself, we will be happy to correct it for you. With every paper we proofread, we strongly suggest that you review the corrections we make and try to learn from them, so you can eventually be an independent writer and reduce your reliance on an outside service.

The Timeliness of Academic Proofreading

At The Proofreaders, your deadlines are taken very seriously. We understand that your grade or acceptance depends on turning in your documents/essays on time. Many students have too much on their plates and wait until the last minute to write their papers, giving The Proofreaders very aggressive deadlines within which to work. Your documents are proofread and edited by human beings, not machines, who need to sleep so their eyes can be well rested. Regardless of the size of your document, The Proofreaders will treat each job with the same degree of professionalism. When it comes to deadlines, the more time you give us, the more thorough we can be.

Academic Proofreading for English as a Second Language

Many students speak English as a second language, so writing is more of a challenge than that of their native counterparts. If you speak English as a second language, The Proofreaders will edit your documents appropriately. If major editing is required, you will be notified when the estimate is given.

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