Everyone needs a good proofreader!

Our editing and proofreading services are sought after among various types of industries. From educational facilities to medical and health care organizations to law firms, The Proofreaders serves local clients such as those in Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey as well as globally.

The Proofreaders are an excellent resource for large and small businesses alike. Their work is thorough; you can expect the utmost accuracy. Their prices are extremely reasonable; it would be difficult to find a lower price. Most importantly, they will work with you to meet your deadlines all the while providing the professional service that makes them so wonderful.

John Harden

Sr. Product Manager, Ascension Press

Thank you for providing such a convenient service. The proofreader did an excellent job. There was just enough red ink so as not to embarrass me and highlight my inadequacies but enough to make me feel as though my work had been torn apart and put together again, thus satisfying me. As promised, you had followed my instructions to a “t” and I appreciate that.

Eric Wilson

Student, Yale University

Wow, you folks are amazing. I will work hard to learn from this. Major respect. Good Job!!! The document is a thousand percent better.

More than that, the reviewer went beyond grammar and had suggestions that reflected a good understanding of the purpose of my document, and my field. That was very appreciated. Every suggestion that was made was spot on.

David Mauger

Author, Vallejo, California

Thanks for all your great help on the proofing — I really appreciate not only your edits, but the additional detail you gave me on some of the edits — very helpful! I cannot tell you how pleased I am with Susan’s work. I want to stick with her!

Thanks Susan – good intel. You did a great job proofing the magazine — all the grammar and punctuation recommendations were great. More importantly, you helped catch some mistakes and wrong words. Those types of things are easy for me to miss after I have read and re-read a story several times. Your outside perspective was very helpful.

Look forward to building a relationship with your company for future projects. Thanks a million!

Phil Diment

Vice President, Communications, KBS Realty Advisors

I am in love with Ben! He is amazing and has helped me keep on track with my assignments. His opinions and suggestions are thought provoking making my writing better and better. I have actually learned more from his comments than I have from the instructor of the class. I hope he does not get tired of seeing my papers. Thank you Lulu and Ben!


Student, Oregon

Words fail to express how happy we are to have found you!

Debra Walters

Senior Marketing Manager, Affinity Group Incorporated

You and your team are truly amazing…You know how much I love you guys. You are TRULY the best! You rule! And you make it look easy. I absolutely love, LOVE, LOVE this! You are brilliant! 🙂 If you would kindly share with Ben…I am SO excited to see his magic again. Each time is like an education…Love that man! Ben – thank you for the brilliant work as always. You are THE BEST!

Brian Riback

Strategic Marketing Technologist, Labrador Solutions

Carina did a fantastic job! After reading the finished product it was like taking a drink from an ice cold water gently bubbling up from the earth on a hot summer’s day! Her suggestions were also very helpful to me and will help straighten some of the little bumps in the road. I will be using your services again in the future!

Paul Arsog

Norwegian Author, 30,000-word book

Wonderfully done! Thank you so much for your help and the quick turn around. May our paths cross again, should I require similar services (promise to plan ahead next time). Thanks again!

Deborah Kent

Business Consultant, California

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