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Located between New York City and Philadelphia, The Proofreaders serves local clients plus satisfies Internet demands from around the world. With fair pricing and fast turnaround time, The Proofreaders offers serious editing and proofreading services for the discriminating consumer.

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Lulu Murphy

Lulu Murphy

Founder and CEO

Professional Proofreader

About The Proofreaders – This American online proofreading company began as the result of a father-daughter team of tireless editors. Whether on restaurant menus, supermarket signs, books, magazines, brochures, labels, website content, online documents, billboards, or college textbooks, mistakes were found everywhere!
The need for accurate editing and proofreading services in all aspects of printed material became apparent; The Proofreaders quickly rose to the top as a valuable resource for creative groups, graphic design companies, publishers, students, New York professionals, lawyers, corporations, and anyone who values the importance of a second set of eyes.
Managed by Lulu Murphy, a professional proofreader, writer, and editor, the company is tightly run with deadlines taken super seriously. Ms. Murphy holds a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, a master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon, and a bachelor’s degree from Temple University.

Benjamin Turner is a professional proofreader

Professional Proofreader

Ben Turner

Lead Editor
Ben Turner is a detail-oriented writer, editor, and professional proofreader.

He graduated from the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast program with a master’s of fine arts in creative writing. He approaches all writing with MFA-level rigor. Studying the written word not simply as a set of rules but as an art form prepared him to weigh every consideration in a piece of writing.

Whether creating, editing, or proofreading, Ben believes in a meticulous, word-by-word approach that strips ambiguity to make the words on the page as concise and impactful as possible without sacrificing the spirit of the content. His proofreads include rewordings and suggestions to make sure the results are better than they could have been. Ben is familiar with several popular style guides and can readily follow others.

Ben proofreads or copyedits many types of projects for The Proofreaders, including newsletters, business documents, sales flyers, academic papers, and more.

He lives with his video-editing wife, their two idiosyncratic cats, and a personal library of style manuals, novels, and short story collections that are striated with red underlines.

When not working on his fiction, he behaves like a true word nerd, listening to podcasts and reading books about grammar, linguistics, and style.

Susan Donovan is a professional proofreader

Professional Proofreader

Susan Donovan

Lead Proofreader
Susan Donovan has decades of experience proofreading, editing, and writing. She graduated from Texas Christian University with a bachelor of arts degree in English and began her career as a secretary at the Institute of International Education in New York City. For over two decades Susan has proofread, edited, and written school and church documents including newsletters, flyers, bulletins, websites, and all types of documents including start-up business plans.

As a Red Cross volunteer with a keen eye for detail, Susan was responsible for checking prescriptions for accuracy before they were processed at a Navy hospital pharmacy. She wrote a pharmacy procedures brochure for which she received a Navy commendation, and she authored “Innovations in Education,” an award-winning essay for Today’s Catholic Teacher magazine.

Susan’s meticulous style and painstaking review process for each document give clients a solid sense of trust. Whether it’s a one-page resume or lengthy business “playbook” that needs to be absolutely perfect before going to press, you can count on Susan for a healthy supply of edits that will undoubtedly improve its overall presentation.

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Additional Professional Proofreaders

The Proofreaders works with a team of professional proofreaders, editors, and award-winning American writers who have years of experience correcting errors on documents for creative groups, law firms, medical professionals, students, publishers, website designers, content writers, the entertainment industry, corporations, and individuals. Their expertise includes the most popular style guides such as APA, AP, MLA, CMS, and more. These team members are available for proofreading, editing, side-by-side comparisons, and very large jobs. They work under the guidance of professional proofreaders Susan and Ben.

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