The qualify of editing and proofreading services from The Proofreaders is far superior to any other company.

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There are many proofreading companies on the Web; choosing one over the other can be difficult. The lowest price is usually not the best choice so don’t be lured into proofreading services based on price alone. The Proofreaders receives many “redo” proofreading jobs that have been supposedly “proofread” by other proofreading companies.

When searching for a credible proofreader, ask these questions:

  • Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau? The Proofreaders is.
  • How long have you been in business? The Proofreaders was established in 2006.
  • Where are your proofreaders located? The Proofreaders is located in the United States and only uses domestic proofreaders who have higher educations from American universities and have at least seven (7) years of professional proofreading/editing experience to their credit.
  • Can you talk to someone on the phone? Feel free to call The Proofreaders! (215) 295-9400.

Editing and Proofreading Rates

At The Proofreaders, editing and proofreading services are available by the word, by the page, by the hour, or by the project. Most of our clients want to know upfront how much the proofreading project will cost. Below is a guide to our proofreading and editing rates; actual estimates will be calculated once your documents have been received and reviewed.

By the Word: Proofreading – (8 cents/word and up)
Pricing by the word enables the client to know exactly in advance how much a project will cost. Using state-of-the-art software, The Proofreaders can determine the word counts of your files, including but not limited to the following extensions:

  • PDF
  • RTF
  • TXT
  • WPD
  • ZIP
  • Other common file formats

By the Word: Editing – (13 cents/word and up)
When proofreading isn’t enough, the talented writers at The Proofreaders will edit your document, providing clear, grammatically correct, English sentences. This is especially useful for those who speak English as a second language and rely on The Proofreaders for accuracy. Using state-of-the-art software, The Proofreaders will determine the word counts of your files, and give an exact estimate before any work has begun.

NOTE: All jobs have a $60 minimum

By the Hour – ($105 and up)
An hourly rate is charged for projects that are hard to quote. Examples of documents that make estimating difficult include:

  • Foreign Language Editing and Proofreading
  • Legal Documents
  • Medical Documents
  • Technical Documents
  • Other Non-Standard Documents or Material

NOTE: All jobs have a $60 minimum

By the Page – Proofreading ($15 and up)
Pricing by the page is done for very specific projects that have the following characteristics:

  • They are well-written
  • The layout is double-spaced with 1″ margins
  • Word counts on all pages are fewer than 250

Documents that are not in this format will be priced separately.

NOTE: All jobs have a $60 minimum

By the Project – Proofreading, Editing, Comparison Jobs

For those clients with a fixed budget and an estimable project, we can quote by the job. This way no one needs to count pages, words, or keep track of time.

Please contact us for a custom quote.

NOTE: All jobs have a $60 minimum


For special student circumstances and very large jobs, including novels and complex websites, we offer generous discounts.

Can’t Decide?

When priced by the hour, you benefit by our speed and skill and only pay for time spent editing and proofreading your document. When priced by the word/page/project, you know well in advance what your costs will be. No one has to keep track of time. Simply send us your document and let us prepare a .

The Proofreaders is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

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