All websites need to be proofread!

The task of finding and correcting the errors on your website can be daunting. Leave it to The Proofreaders.

The Website Proofreading Process

A) Determine the Scope of the Website

Website Crawl – Before the website proofreading process can begin, it is necessary to determine the scope of the project. This involves understanding the size of your website.

Easily accomplished with a comprehensive website crawl from The Proofreaders, a report is generated showing all of the pages, posts, blog entries, images, videos, and other content on the website. The Proofreaders provides website crawl services to assist in determining the scope of your website proofreading project; however, if you already have your own report of the website pages that need to be proofread, this will be accepted in lieu of the website crawl service.

B) Isolate the Website Content in Need of Proofreading

Select the Pages – From the list of website pages generated either by The Proofreaders’ website crawl service or supplied by you, you will narrow down the list to only those areas in need of proofreading. For example, if your website has a blog you might want to omit this section from the website proofreading service.

C) Create the Estimate

The Narrowed-Down List – will be used to generate the Estimate for your website proofreading services.

  • The Proofreaders will determine a word count for each page.
  • From this word count, an Estimate will be prepared and sent to you.
  • Upon acceptance and payment, the website proofreading process will begin.

D) Proofread the Website

Using the narrowed-down list of pages generated above, The Proofreaders will:

  • For each page/post, copy and paste the content into MS Word documents;
  • Proofread the content by making changes to the MS Word documents using track changes;
  • Return the MS Word documents that show the errata to the client;

E) Make the Corrections

  • Using the MS Word documents supplied by The Proofreaders, you can either apply the website changes yourself or have The Proofreaders do this. Hourly pricing applies.
  • Alternatively, you can skip the MS Word documents altogether and have The Proofreaders go directly into your website and make any changes needed. This is a faster service for those in need of expedited proofreading who do not have the resources to make the website proofreading corrections themselves. Hourly pricing applies.

F) Proofread the Online Version

  • Once the proofreading changes have been made to the website and the site has been published, it is advisable to have The Proofreaders read through your website one final time to make sure all of the changes have been correctly applied.
  • This service will be billed at our Second Set of Eyes rate.

G) Additional Website Proofreading Services

The Proofreaders goes beyond proofreading just the words (content) on your website. Additional website proofreading services include:

  • Navigation Flow
  • Broken Links
  • Website Page Optimization (SEO)
  • And more

The Proofreaders is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.
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For website proofreading, The Proofreaders can be contacted by telephone during business hours; plus, you can always speak to the proofreader who worked/is working on your document :) The Proofreaders offers exceptional website proofreading services. For each page, every link, menu navigation, meta tags, and all of the content, the best proofreading service just got even better with website proofreading.


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